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7 These Foods Can Make Healthy Hair

Who says having healthy hair costs a lot of money? By consuming several types of food below, your hair health will be maintained and various hair problems that bother you can be overcome. As with other body parts, hair also needs nutrients to stay healthy. Some of the nutrients needed by hair are vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, and protein. Eating foods that contain these nutrients can make your hair healthy. Various Food Choices to Make Hair Look Healthy Although it looks simple, it is important to eat nutritious food to get healthy hair. The condition of healthy hair is also a sign that your body is healthy. You can meet the nutrients needed to get healthy hair by eating the following foods: 1. Banana Thick, shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair. By eating bananas, your hair will look thicker, shiny, and free from loss. This is thanks to the high content of vitamin B6 in bananas. 2. Guava (guava) Regular consumption of guava can help you avoid damage to the hair you know. Thi
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Mother, Let's Overcome Saliva Rash in Babies with 4 Easy Ways

The skin around your cheeks and mouth looks reddish? It's likely a saliva rash. Don't worry, Bun, saliva rashes are common in babies and can be overcome with a number of easy ways. Saliva rashes more often occur when Towards teething, the volume of baby's saliva will increase, so the risk of the appearance of saliva rash will also be greater. In addition, saliva rashes can also be caused by residual milk that sticks around the mouth. Various Ways to Overcome Saliva Rash in Infants A common symptom of a baby's saliva rash is reddish skin around the baby's cheeks and mouth. Saliva rashes can also be characterized by the skin around the cheeks and mouth look dry. Mother can overcome the saliva rash in infants in the following ways: 1. Clean with warm water The area of ​​skin affected by the rash should not be missed to be cleaned when Mother is bathing or washing the Little One. Clean the affected area of ​​the rash using a soft cloth that has been dipped in w

Mother, Complete This Equipment List for Comfortable Breastfeeding

After the baby is born, Mother and Father must be ready for the next adventure which is to provide breast milk for the Little One. Now, in addition to knowledge and techniques, apparently there is a list of equipment for breastfeeding that should be known to facilitate this process. Although it is natural, but breastfeeding will be more comfortable with equipment that can support. Come on Mother, prepare whatever objects are needed. Various Breastfeeding Equipment Needed The process of breastfeeding is not always easy and fun, especially for new mothers. Sometimes this process makes Mother feel frustrated, especially if various things or conditions arise that are not expected. The good news, there are various equipment that you can use to make this process easier, including: Nursing pillow Nursing pillows are basically pillows that are used to support the baby's body. Now the nursing pillow is specially designed to make your back comfortable while breastfeeding. If there i